Why Advanced Books?

The Advanced Books platform is launched by Pensoft to publish new books or re-publish such previously available in paper or PDF only, in an advanced and semantically enhanced HTML and XML formats, to accelerate open access, data publication, mining, sharing and reuse.  Advanced Books builds on the novel approaches developed by Pensoft's journals.

How to Submit a Book for (Re-)Publication?

Books can be submitted through the online submission form in the following formats:

  • PDF and/or text file (e.g., MS Word, or rtf) (mandatory)
  • OCR-ed text (useful for books previously published in PDF or on paper )
  • XML (link to the XML schema used is highly desirable)

Books that have been published before should be submitted free of any copyright restriction that might be imposed by former publishers, and accompanying cover letter confirming that should be submitted with the book files.

Please contact Teodor Georgiev for technical questions, Pavel Stoev or Lyubomir Penev for any other issue.

Publication Costs

The book formats usually differ from each other, in contrast to article formats within a journal. Therefore, the publication costs are highly affected by the status, quality and format of the source materials (files) and could be calculated only after Advanved Books have a detailed information about these.
For example, the source material could be provided as a paper copy to be scanned and OCR-ed, or as an already OCR-ed text (which in its own turn could be corrected and copyedited or not), or as a formatted XML file.

Please contact Teodor Georgiev for technical evaluation of the source materials and Lyubomir Penev for any other issue.