Fig. 13. Horsfieldia crassifolia (Hook. f. & Thomson) Warb. a. Branch with leafy twig and infructescence with mature fruits; note persistent perianth and completely closed aril; b. twig with male inflorescence; c. mature male flower, lateral view; d. ditto, longitudinally opened, showing androecium; e. older twig with female inflorescence axillary to leaf scar; f. opened mature female flower showing glabrous ovary and 2-lobed stigma; note that the flower is considerably larger than the male flower; g. part of lower leaf surface with persistent indumentum and irregularly shaped dark-coloured dots [a: Mondi 51; b-d: S 9226; e-g: SAN 27183]. — Scale bar for a, b, e = 2 cm; for c, d, f = 0.85 mm; for g = 0.4 mm.

  Part of: de Wilde W (2014) Flora Malesiana. Series I - Seed Plants, Volume 14. Myristicaceae. Advanced Books: e1141.