Fig. 12. Horsfieldia corrugata Foreman, a. Longitudinally opened male flower showing androecium; b. ditto, female flower, showing pubescent ovary and narrow 2-lobed style; c. fruit. — H. pachycarpa A.C.Sm. d. Leafy twig with infructescence; e. longitudinally opened male flower showing androecium; f. ditto, female flower with pubescent ovary with short 2-lobed stigma; g. almost mature fruit [a: Carr 14123; b: LAE 60020; c: Carr 14334; d: LAE 62196; e: LAE 51940; f: Clemens 5378; g: NGF 38895]. — Scale bar for c, d, g = 2 cm; for a, b, e, f = 1.7 mm.

  Part of: de Wilde W (2014) Flora Malesiana. Series I - Seed Plants, Volume 14. Myristicaceae. Advanced Books: e1141.