Fig. 10. Horsfieldia ardisiifolia (A.DC.) Warb. a. Leafy twig apex, note ridged twig; b. twig with male inflorescence in axil of fallen leaf; c. mature male flower, lateral view; d. ditto, opened, showing androecium; e. androecium, longitudinal section, schematic; f. mature female flower, lateral view; g. ditto, opened, showing glabrous ovary with minute stigma; h. twig with infructescence with ripe fruits [a: Ramos BS 39770, b: Sulit PNH 6236; c-e: Elmer 12337; f, g: Elmer 17220; h: Conklin PNH 17461]. — Scale bar for a, b, h = 2 cm; for c, d, f, g = 1.7 mm; for e = 0.85 mm.

  Part of: de Wilde W (2014) Flora Malesiana. Series I - Seed Plants, Volume 14. Myristicaceae. Advanced Books: e1141.