Fig. 4. Infructescences, fruits, and seeds of Endocomia. — E. rufirachis (J. Sinclair) W. J. de Wilde. Infructescence. — E. macrocoma (Miq.) W.J. de Wilde subsp. prainii (King) W.J. de Wilde. a. Infructescence; note complete arils and pointed seeds; c. ditto; note arils faintly laciniated, incompletely covering the seeds pointed at apex. — E. macrocoma subsp. macrocoma. d. Infructescence. — E. canarioides (King) W.J. de Wilde, e. Fruit in spirit; f. ditto, opened; note deeply laciniated aril; g & h. seed; note variegated testa (a: Kostermans 9579; b: Edaño PNH 7281; c: Kostermans & Soegeng 478; d: Atasrip 103; e-g: de Wilde/Duyfjes 18877 (spirit); h: King's coll. 10064 ). — Scale bar for all = 2 cm.

  Part of: de Wilde W (2014) Flora Malesiana. Series I - Seed Plants, Volume 14. Myristicaceae. Advanced Books: e1141.