Fig. 3. Inflorescences and flowers of Endocomia.- E. rufirachis (J. Sinclair) W. J. de Wilde, a. Flowering twig; flowers all in about the same stage of development and rachis of inflorescence at base without cataphylls; b. male flower in mature bud stage; c. ditto, at anthesis, note papillose-hairy inner surface of perianth lobes; d. section of male perianth showing stalked androecium; e. longitudinal section of androecium, schematic, androphore and central column drawn solid black. — E. macrocoma (Miq.) W.J. de Wilde subsp. longipes W.J. de Wilde, f. Inflorescence with female and male flowers, all in different stages of development; g. male flower at anthesis; note reflexed perianth lobes and slender androphore; h. female flower at anthesis. — E. macrocoma subsp. macrocoma. i. Female flower in section [a-e: BNB For. Dept. 1716; f-h: SAN 66753, i: Atasrip 103]. — Scale bar for a, f = 2 cm; for b-e, g-i = 0.8 mm.

  Part of: de Wilde W (2014) Flora Malesiana. Series I - Seed Plants, Volume 14. Myristicaceae. Advanced Books: e1141.