Effects of solar radiation on predicted ground temperatures in open landscapes. Maps in the first column show topography (elevation in m; axes indicating longitude and latitude). The following maps show the same areas with predicted effects of radiation on temperatures (in degrees Celsius) at 13:30 on a sunny day in July 2010 (second column) and January 2010 (third column), and effects on mean temperatures in mid-July 2010 (fourth column) and mid-January 2010 (fifth column). The first row of maps shows a site in Poland (compare Figure 4c) and the second row, a site in Greece (compare Figure 4e).

  Part of: Henle K, Potts S, Kunin W, Matsinos Y, Simila J, Pantis J, Grobelnik V, Penev L, Settele J (Eds) (2014) Scaling in Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation. Advanced Books: e1169. https://doi.org/10.3897/ab.e1169