Some Cnidaria and Ctenophora species observed in the deep sea of the NW Pacific. (A) Stone with numerous benthic animals, including light pink alcyonarians, dark brown polychaete tubes, and light brown broken-off hydrozoan colony (?) from station 8–5 EBS, depth 2,327-2,330 m. Scale = 5 mm. (B) Actinarian Hormathia spinosa from station XR-10 off Kushiro, depth 5,509-5,561 m. (C) Actinarian Galatheanthemum sp. from station XR-12 off Kushiro, depth 5,471-5,514 m. (D) Octocoral Aspera rosea from station 8-4 EBS, depth 2,333-2,336 m. Scale = 5 mm. (E) Halicreas minimum from 1,043 m in Sagami Bay, Japan; this species has also been reported from >2,000 m within the study area of the NW Pacific. Images A and D by Anna Lavrentieva, B and C by Kensuke Yanagi, and E by Dhugal Lindsay.

  Part of: Saeedi H, Brandt A (2020) Biogeographic Atlas of the Deep NW Pacific Fauna. Advanced Books.