Deep-sea entoprocts of the NW Pacific. (A) Loxosomella cyatiformes, lateral view, (B, C) Loxosomella malakhovi: (B) two specimens on a gill of parapodia, (C) specimen with a bud, lateral view, (D) Loxosomella sextentaculata, frontal view, (E, F) Loxosomella aeropsis: (E) two specimens on a spine of sea urchin, (F) lateral view of specimen, (G, H) Loxosomella profundorum: (G) frontal view of specimen, (H) lateral view of calyx with a bud, (I) Loxosomella marcusorum, lateral view. Abbreviations: b, bud; e, embryo; f, foot; g, gill of parapodia; ht, host tissue; pl, star-shaped plate; sp, spine of sea urchin; st, stalk; t, tentacles. Scale bars: (A, B, D–I) 200 µm, (C) 100 µm.

  Part of: Saeedi H, Brandt A (2020) Biogeographic Atlas of the Deep NW Pacific Fauna. Advanced Books.