An 18th-century protologue of the name of a new fungal taxon: Phallus impudicus L. Part of page 1179 of volume 2 of the 1st edition of Linnaeus’s Species plantarum (Linnaeus, 1753: 1179). The components of the protologue are as follows: Sequential species number within the genus Phallus: “2.”Diagnostic phrase name (polynomial): “Phallus volvatus stipitatus, pileo celluloso.” (Phallus volvate, stipitate, with a cellular cap). This is Linnaeus’s nomen specificum legitimum (lawful specific name), in Latin, serving as the validating diagnosis of the species name.Specific epithet, in the margin: “impudicus.” (immodest). This is Linnaeus’s nomen triviale (trivial name), directly associated with the generic name (at the start of the phrase name and in the heading of the genus) to form the combination Phallus impudicus.Synonyms: five pre-starting-point phrase names are cited in synonymy; the illustration cited with the third synonym (Micheli, 1729: 201, t. 83) has been designated as the lectotype of P. impudicus (see Fig. 18, p. 77).Statement of provenance: “Habitat in Sylvis.” (It inhabits the woods).

  Part of: Turland N (2019) The Code Decoded. Advanced Books.