Lectotypification of Merianthera burlemarxii Wurdack in a paper in volume 61 of the journal Taxon by Goldenberg & al. (2012: 1047). Lectotypifications and epitypifications of Ulva longissima Gunnerus and U. maxima Gunnerus in another paper in the same volume by Jørgensen (2012: 1094). Reproduced by permission of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy. Components of the typifications are as follows: Use of the words “lectotype” and “epitype”, as required by Art. 9.23.Use of the phrase “designated here”, as required by Art. 7.11.Specification of the herbaria in which the lectotype and epitype specimens are conserved (US, TRH), as required by Art. 9.22 and 9.21, respectively.

  Part of: Turland N (2019) The Code Decoded. Advanced Books. https://doi.org/10.3897/ab.e38075