The lectotype of Zea mays L.: specimen no. 1096.1 in the Linnaean Herbarium (Herb. Linn.) at the Linnean Society of London (LINN). Note the annotations in Linnaeus’s handwriting to the right of the stem base: “1” is the species number in Species plantarum, and “Mays” is Linnaeus’s nomen triviale (i.e. specific epithet); they indicate that in preparing the protologue Linnaeus used this specimen, which is therefore original material. It was designated as the lectotype in a paper in volume 67 of the American Journal of Botany by Iltis & Doebley (1980: 1001). — Reproduced by permission of the Linnean Society of London (

  Part of: Turland N (2019) The Code Decoded. Advanced Books.